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N 7th & Durston

This intersection sucks because after naming it one of the worst in town, the city did a huge overhaul, including a new signal, and it functions the same way it always has (poorly). North 7th has left turn lanes, but still no green arrows. The cross street empties each direction separately because the lanes don’t [...]

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W College & Main

The light from College getting onto Main Street SUCKS!!! It takes forever….by the time it changes, I have gotten drunk, taken a nap and become sober again.  

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S 19th Ave & W Babcock St

This light is ridiculous! A real Road Rager! 19th is a busy street, especially at rush hour times. When you want to turn right onto 19th from Babcock going West it’s near impossible! The lights are timed to gridlock the small section from Babcock to Main so that when you are allowed to turn (green [...]

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